Ahad, 6 Disember 2009

Peraturan Pilihanraya Akan Dibahas Di Parlimen??

Iraq parliament debates poll law

Iraq's parliament is debating the country's election law, amid fears Tariq al-Hashemi, the vice-president, may use his veto in an attempt to block the proposed legislation.

Parliamentarians met on Sunday, the deadline for al-Hashemi to use his veto.

The vice-president vetoed an earlier draft election law, agreed by parliament last month, saying it failed to adequately represent Iraqis living abroad, most of whom, like al-Hasehmi, are Sunnis.

Even if al-Hashemi uses his veto for a second time, he may only delay the legislation as parliament can overturn it with a 60 per cent majority vote.

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In Malaysian Prosperity:

SPR insist on discretion over invitation of foreign observers to M’sian elections

The SPR, while claiming a lack of power generally, insist that they have all the discretion to invite any observers to the Malaysian elections-whether local or international. Indeed it has exercise the discretion in these ways: allow only 1 local group as election observers -and subject them to numerous restrictions, while disallowing international observers.

What are behind their discretions? the excuse that the local elections are beyond reproach is not supported by the last international observers’ verdict: our elections are `free but not fair’. They were from the Commonwealth. So what could be the reasons for rejecting the interests from other countries to observe our elections other than we could have something to hide?

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nota kaki : dalam keadaan huru-hara rakyat Iraq sekurang-kurangnya ada petunjuk untuk pemulihan demokrasi walaupun ada ura-ura 'tangan ghaib' cuba menghalang. malangnya, Malaysia aman makmur semakin menuju ke zaman 'primitif'.

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